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Building an ARC

So today, I'm building an arc. Not an ark, although there's been enough rain to contemplate doing that too, but an arc. What exactly is an arc, and why am I doing that? Here's the skinny...

ARC = Advanced Review Copy

Writers often produce Advanced Review copies of their books, which are sent out to readers prior to a book's release. The idea is that the readers, having read it, will leave a fair and honest review on places like Goodreads or Amazon. If I was traditionally published, my publisher would do this for me, but as I'm an indie, I'm in charge of all this sort of stuff.

So the manuscript is finished, has been thoroughly edited by my editor, and is now in the process of being formatted while my cover designer does her magic. When I have the cover, I'll be putting the whole thing together with a special ARC cover, and sending it out to interested readers, who I'll contact again to let them know when it's live on Amazon so they can leave their reviews.

Why bother? I hear you ask. Why not just wait for reviews to come in as people read the book?

Well reviews let other readers know what you thought of the book. Whether you consider it's worth buying, and if reading it was a good experience or not. Also, annoying as it is, lots of promotion places insist on a certain number of reviews before they'll feature a book. So getting some at least at the start is a great way to launch the book.

I'm very excited to share more about my new book - once I have the cover, I'll be sharing that and the title and blurb. It's a sexy story I'm really proud of, and I think you're all going to love it!

If you're interested in reading an arc and can leave a fair and honest review, click here.

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